Weird Stuff Men Do With Their Junk


There is no doubt that women hold the record for extreme measures when it comes to altering their bodies, but when we strip it down to the “nuts and bolts”, you might be surprised to find that men aren’t far behind. Phalloplasty for enlargement, piercings for… opening beer bottles, or landscapes with a personal touch; are just a sample of the ways men both enhance and celebrate their manhood.

Whether it’s for vanity, entertainment, or even artistic expression, men are doing things with their most treasured body part that are just straight up ballsy! Whatever you do fellas, keep a cell phone handy, you never know when that innocent adventure will land you in the ER…or on the 11 o’clock news.

Perfect Their Plums

Not every man is born with the huevos of a stallion, and silicone implants aren’t just for women anymore. Testicular implants give men the size, shape and…feel they desire.

Inject Tissue

tissue harvested from donor cadavers. One of the most well-known uses of injecting is to plump up the lips. It didn’t take long for men to realize they could plump up something else as well.

Stick Them In Things

Men seem to have an obsession with where they can hide their salami. There are countless urban legends of amputations caused by fun with vacuums. Firefighters and paramedics across the globe work tirelessly rescuing men who don’t realize what goes in…doesn’t always come out.

Decorate Them

There are at least 9 popular piercing styles that describe the location of the jewelry. Despite the growing popularity of genital piercing in men, only about 3% of the males have one. That number is sure to increase when they realize a piercing doubles as a …bottle opener?

Name Them

7 in 10 men have a name for their member according to a recent Think Tank survey. Number one on the list of favorite names…Troy. Many men claim their wives or girlfriends have played a role in choosing the name.

Snap Them

Nutscaping is rapidly becoming the new selfie for men. Australian photographer Clancy Philbrick is responsible for getting the nutscaping ball rolling. No mom, that isn’t a big fuzzy ball of lint on the camera lens.