Wardrobe Malfunctions That’ll Crack You Up


Although throughout the last decade or so, wardrobe malfunctions have become a debated occurrence, and some have been contested as being thought up to gain some publicity, seams have been tearing and tops falling off for a long time. In fact as long as humans have worn clothing on their backs. Marilyn Monroe famously was photographed with her skirt billowing up around her as she desperately tried to keep the steam blowing up from a sewer grate from flinging her skirt over her head. Poor Taylor Swift, it seems the exact same thing was happening to her during one of her concerts in which she sported a little blue dress. Janet Jackson's top was 'innocently' (read: theatrically) ripped off by fellow performer Justin Timberlake during Super Bowl, too. But this sort of fashion catastrophe can strike anyone, anywhere, and the results are often quite hilarious; the embarrassment short lived. Check out these Wardrobe Malfunctions we've put together that are sure to crack you up!