Virtual Reality Scares And Fails


It's just virtual reality - but the scares are real! Virtual reality is quickly becoming the new hot gaming console, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the world's constructed by artists and programmers. Facebook has a stake in virtual reality development alongside tech giants like Samsung, meaning there's going to be stiff competition for cornering the market on home devices. Movies and games are the most widely known applications for virtual reality development, but did you know doctors can also use them to observe 3d models of organs, helping them in addressing health of their patients? Much like 3d printing, having a new sort of virtual environment can be revolutionary in many fields ranging from art design to cosmology. But when you get an especially sensitive person to try on a headset, and boot up a rollercoaster or haunted house program, the effects are hilarious! The people in this video are seen with their legs giving out from under them while experiencing a zero gravity rollercoaster drop, or freaking out over all too real ghouls that pop out at them, giving them a truly convincing and frightful scare. Check out these Virtual Reality Scares And Fails!