Unusual Creatures Found in the sewer


When you push that lever or open that drain, do you really think about where all that wastewater is going? Probably not, yet it all goes down through the pipes and into the sewer. Now, we’re not going to go into the nasty specifics of the stuff you’ll find in the average sewer. We will, however, tell you about some rather strange and unusual creatures found living there. These can be strange because they are rare or maybe they are just animals we don’t usually associate with sewage.

We’ll start with possums. Most of us are used to seeing them hanging in trees or running across the road – not emerging from our porcelain thrones. Then there are frogs who aren’t living in ponds and swamps but in sewers and even your home’s sewer pipes. Have you ever heard those rumors about a snake emerging from someone’s bathroom plumbing? They are real and it turns out they’ve found more than a couple Boa Constrictors living down there. Australia is home to all sorts of weird and wacky animals, including the platypus. Things get even stranger when officials found one of these bizarre creatures in a waste treatment facility. Squirrels aren’t that strange, but we bet a squirrel living in the sewers and coming up the plumbing in peoples homes is. We’ll head over to Asia where farmers discovered a cow in the sewer system. Yes – a cow! Sewers can smell, we all know that. But when some people noticed a strong fishy odor that got people exploring. It turns out they found full-sized tilapia in the sewage. In North Carolina, people were left scratching their head at a bizarre sight in the sewer. A living blob which some deemed an alien turned out to be a disgusting cluster of tubifex worms. You best leave any exploration of the sewers to professionals because we’ll show you how alligators have actually be seen and captured down there. Finally, there’s the massive and often very old giant salamanders which occasionally turn up in the Chinese sewers.