Unsettling Discoveries That Rewrote The History Books


Our ability to understand the past and where we come from relies as much on perception as it does on reality. From our vantage point in the 21st Century, it seems like we have everything all figured out. But as we get further into the future, you’d be surprised to find how often the past keeps rewriting itself. Whether new finds illuminate previously held beliefs or shed light on never before seen cultures, there’s always something exciting lying undiscovered beneath our feet. That’s why TheHub is taking you on a journey to see These Unsettling Discoveries That Rewrote The History Books.

There are bound books made of lead that could change our entire understanding of biblical times. There are ancient mounds in Bosnia that just might hold the keys to prehistoric pyramids. There’s a face in red dust on a distant planet that may be the remaining evidence of an alien civilization. Rare metals from Atlantis and an even rarer machine that predates computers but somehow functions just like one can both be found at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, in the Americas, various explorers from all around the world possibly predated Columbus’ discovery and left their marks on the culture that Europeans eventually found. And we’re not even talking about the buried treasure found in Australia. Our journey will take us from the Library of Alexandria to the caves on the Strait of Gibraltar. It’s all here on TheHub.