Unnecessary Things President Trump Is Changing In The White House


There is no doubt that change can be an unsettling thing at times. The election of President Donald Trump shocked the world, as it was truly an event that many believed would not happen, at least not without a miracle. Since the United States went from having a democratic president to a republican one, the thing on the forefront of the world’s minds were the changes. What was President Trump going to change from the previous administration? Would they be good changes or bad? One of the first things people noticed is that the page about climate change on the White House website disappeared, which sent people into a frenzy. Why? Was this a necessary change? Most people say no. But it turns out that this was only the beginning when it came to change, which was ironically former President Obama’s slogan during his campaign.

In this video, we will present to you some of the unnecessary things President Trump is changing in the White House. But we’re talking literal aesthetics! President Trump has always had a knack for interior design and showing off his wealth. He’s changed the drapes, added in portraits, changed up the busts, and even added a new rug. Not to mention, if you were President, which of your favorite snacks would you want at your beck and call? The President loves Lays potato chips, so you’ll be able to find those almost anywhere around the White House. These changes just skim the surface when it comes to the unnecessary alterations that have been done to the presidential home.