Unexpected Breakdance Heroes


Some say breakdancing has been around since the late 1970s, an era that saw what most would consider the beginnings of the hip hop genre of music. With the new style came new forms of dance to match the upbeat, lyrical, rhythmic music. Those dancers eventually became more sophisticated, refining their moves and forming a vocabulary specific to their genre of movement. Those dancers became known as b-boys, practising on nearly every street corner and abandoned basement or subway platform they could get to, until busted up by police. Those b-boys grow up, they raise families and have respectable jobs, often putting their hard practised dance skills to rest. But sometimes we see a glimmer of the good old days, and when those retired b-boys get the chance to school some of their younger counterparts who've taken up the dance mantle, we get treated to a feat of surprise breakdancers just killing it!