Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals


Sure, every so often a human saves an animal, but since we’re usually the reason they’re in danger in the first place it’s not that impressive. Animals do occasionally save humans, but even more rare is when they save one another. We will tell you 10 unbelievable stories about animals that rescued other animals. There are the elephants that worked together to save one of their babies who had fallen into a pool of water and was struggling to swim. But it’s not always the same species; you’ll also see an orangutan who rescued a bird in front of onlookers at the zoo. Saving a life is sometimes more than just pulling someone out of a dangerous situation; Remy and Emile are a pair of rats that are helping kittens that would otherwise be isolated get adopted and grow up happy and healthy. Humans tried to rescue a pair of whales that seemed intent on beaching themselves, but where they failed, a very special dolphin named Moko succeeded.