TV Stars Who Had To Hide Their Real-Life Pregnancies


Women still struggle for equality in the workplace, regardless of whether they are ordinary office workers or huge TV stars. Employers can find it difficult to accommodate an employee’s needs during and after pregnancy.

So imagine what it’s like when the star of a hit TV show announces her pregnancy in the middle of filming a season. Producers and writers have to come up with ideas to work the growing bump into the storyline or decide whether or not to conceal the pregnancy from viewers. Sometimes the attempts to hide the pregnancy are effective, however there are times where the growing belly of a TV star is obvious to viewers.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing is best known as Grace Adler from the hit sitcom Will and Grace

Debra was pregnant while taping the sixth season

Producers tried to hide it with loose-fitting tops but Messing’s fuller face was a dead giveaway

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won awards for her roles as Elaine Benes on Seinfeld and foul-mouthed politician Selina Meyer on Veep

Louis-Dreyfus was expecting her first child during filming of the third season of Seinfeld

She stood behind furniture and held pillows on her lap to hide her bump

Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen plays control-freak Claire Dunphy in Modern Family

When the pilot was filmed she was visibly pregnant with twins

Her growing belly was strategically hidden behind cereal boxes and laundry baskets

Sarah Jessica Parker

While shooting the fifth season of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant with her first child

Parker and the producers decided against character Carrie Bradshaw having a baby

Instead the season was shortened to 8 episodes and her bump hidden under floaty tops and dresses

Claire Danes

Danes won a Golden Globe for her role as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life at age 15

She discovered she was pregnant with her first child while filming the second season of Homeland

CGI trickery removed her bump from her character CIA agent Carrie Mathison

Gillian Anderson

Fans of the X Files are excited at the return of the supernatural TV show which stars Gillian Anderson as FBI agent Dana Scully

Anderson was pregnant with her first child while filming the second season of the original series of The X Files

Scully’s pregnancy was written into the episode ‘Ascension’ where she is abducted by aliens

January Jones

January Jones has legions of fans as the character Betty Draper in Mad Men

She announced her pregnancy during the fifth season

Producers had Jones wear a fat suit rather than cover her up