Trickiest Transport Operations In HISTORY


When you think about the biggest hauls in history, you often think of the most legendary – like the treacherous cargo hidden inside the Trojan Horse or the title character from Operation Dumbo Drop. But what if we told you the most complex shipments of precious cargo were often necessary devices that impact our everyday real lives. A lot of work went into getting these objects from point A to point B, so watch and be amazed as The Hub shows you the 10 Trickiest Transport Operations in History.

Since humankind first started migrating to all the corners of the Earth, we’ve tried to take all their stuff with us. Wheels certainly helped in transporting goods and personal possessions, but early carts and wagons could only carry so much. Time’s certainly changed, and today’s powerful automotive engines can drag incredible weights behind them. Nowadays we keep building bigger and heavier devices to test the limits of our tractor trailer’s capabilities. Whether it be turbines, oil rigs, or machines intended for scientific study, we have a wealth of tools that need to be built in one location and implemented somewhere else. We celebrate the inventors of these major devices, but the engineers and operators planning the transportation of these technological treasures are often unsung heroes. Without them, how else would we all be able to enjoy the benefits of this technology, implemented after being transported to its final location through determination, problem solving and physical exertion? Pardon the pun, but we promise it won’t be a drag – watch and enjoy these trickiest transports!