Trains are a notoriously safe and scenic way in which to travel long distances. But not all train tracks are created equally, and some of them are slightly more treacherous than others. You might not think twice about buying a train ticket, even if the idea of flying in a plane makes you feel afraid, but you are going to want to map out your route a bit more thoroughly from now on. In this video, we will show you ten of the most dangerous train tracks in the world. Some were built a long time ago, but others are more recently terrifying inventions. You might have guessed that The Devil’s Nose is a bit of a scary place, but you might still be shocked at how steep an incline the train has to climb. A couple different railways, including the Kuranda Scenic Railway, and the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad try to distract you with the word “scenic,” but don’t be fooled. Sure, tall cliffs and waterfalls can be gorgeous, but they can also be quite scary depending on just how far away from them you are. Then there is the Aso Minami Route in Japan, which passes right by an active volcano. The train is occasionally closed because of the toxic sulfur clouds in the air, which really inspires confidence in its passengers. If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll definitely want to skip the Train to the Clouds, which is one of the highest trains in the world.