Today's Most Charitable Celebrities


What would you do if you won the jackpot tomorrow? Many would jump at the opportunity to buy a mansion or get a new car, or maybe you’re the type to splurge on some designer shoes. Once you’ve settled into your new jet-set lifestyle, would you be willing to give back and donate some money to charity?

While the tabloids focus on the latest feud or the most scandalous nip-slips, many of your favourite celebrities actually give a lot back. While some donate money to various charities, others are even more proactive, working as activists and spokespeople for a variety of causes. Many of these celebrities use their fame to help spread the word about different issues, giving charities and organizations a platform they might not otherwise have.

How charitable is your favourite celebrity? This is just a small list of some of our favourites, all coming from a variety of different backgrounds.

Taylor Swift

Taylor was voted most charitable Celeb of 2015

Donating over $200,000

To various causes last year alone

John Cena

The most requested Make-A-Wish visitor of all time

John Cena has granted over 500 wishes

for children around the world

Miley Cyrus

Miley founded a charity for homeless youth

And as the face of MAC Viva Glam

All her proceeds went to HIV/AIDS research!

Serena Williams

A Unicef Goodwill ambassador

Serena also has her own charity

raising money for poor youth

And promoting healthy lifestyles

Richard Branson

Billionaire Branson loves to give back

3 Billion dollars of his earnings

Were donated to reduce global warming

Bill Gates

Pledging to donate his full fortune after his death

Bill’s personal charity

has given over $10.5 billion in grants since 1994!