This Is What Would Happen If Humans Lived In Space_


People have postulated the possibility of moving humanity into space for decades. Science fiction is full of novels, movies, and TV shows that show an alternate reality in which Earth was destroyed and people had to move to space to keep humanity alive, or humans finally started to colonize beyond our own atmosphere. But what exactly would happen to us if we left the planet?

It depends on where we go. We could spend a few millennia terraforming Mars or the Moon, or we could build space habitats that don’t orbit far from our home. Whatever we choose to do, the work involved would be different, and our bodies would respond differently.

Our bones and muscles would take quite a hit from the difference in acceleration due to gravity. Exposure to radiation is definitely a cause for concern as well, but if we managed to somehow give a magnetic field to the Moon or Mars, they would be rendered suitable candidates for the space colonists. And most importantly, these environmental changes could have a serious effect on the definition of human.

Stay tuned to learn about the effects of living in space on the human body and how it could even lead to the existence of a new species of human, separate and independent from Earth humans. Have you ever read or watched any sci-fi stories about the colonization of space by humanity? Tell us your thoughts about the effects of humans living in space in the comments!