This Is What People Will Look Like In The Future


When you look at humans from prehistory, it is hard to believe that they are our ancestors. But what is even more incredible is that evolution is still happening right now. Humans in 2050 won’t be the same than they were at the beginning of the 21st century. With the help of technologies and constant changes, the world as we know it today won’t be the same for the generations to follow.

Our world is already transforming itself as men and women of different ethnicity fall in love and have beautiful multiracial babies. As one-third of Americans identify themselves to more than one race, they represent the new face of humanity in the years to come. It could lead to the end of discrimination as we would all be part of a big community in which everyone is different and equal.

Evolution is not only about nature as humans found a faster way to adapt to their environment. They use technology to make children smarter, stronger, and even more good-looking. It is now possible to choose specific genes so our offsprings are born many of the characteristics we would like them to have. This could lead to a new generation of improved human being.

There will be so much more things to see in 2050 as the extinction of redheads, a new body size, and even cyborgs.