This Is What Happens To Your Body On An Airplane


Did you ever think about how unnatural it is for humans to be racing through the air at an altitude of 30,000 feet? Our bodies were designed to be on the ground, or else we would have developed wings. Surely there must be some consequences to putting our bodies where they shouldn’t be? If that’s what you’re guessing, you’d be absolutely correct!

Science has come a long way and worked diligently to provide the most comfortable flying conditions possible for today’s commercial flyers. We’ve managed to provide clean, albeit dry, air at a relatively comfortable air pressure (certainly better than the pressure outside the cabin) so that flyers can endure long flights in peace. Unfortunately, however, science can’t work like magic.

When on the airplane, your food might not taste as good, and there’s a reason for that! Additionally, you might become sleepy or developed a headache due to the low-pressure, oxygen-deprived conditions of the airplane. You’ve almost certainly experienced bloating or at least the unpleasant ear-popping due to gas expansion, but did you know that same side effect can also affect your teeth?

Stay tuned to learn more about the crazy things that happen to your body on a plane. We’ll tell you why they happen, and what measures you can take, if any, to alleviate the symptoms. Have you ever experienced the amazing things that happen as you fly? Tell us how you felt and let us know what you did to avoid the uncomfortable situations in the comments section!