This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like Today


Disney princesses make us feel inspired. They give us hope and show us that everything is possible. We consider ourselves the biggest Disney fans that exist. So, of course, we had to find out what Disney princesses would look like today.

Did you ever think a modern day Pocahontas would sport a compass tattoo on her leg? Well, this one does! She was designed by a very talented artist who paid a lot of attention to detail and created a perfect modern day Pocahontas - she’s definitely one of our favorites.

Ever wondered how old would Cinderella be now and how she would look like? The very first ‘Cinderella’ movie aired in 1950 - yup, more than 60 years ago! Cinderella was 19, and she is shown as an 84-year-old. We love her gray hair, and she still looks as graceful as she did at the ball!

The youngest Disney princess is Snow White. Did you know she was just 14 years old? This would make her around 94 in the modern years, and a talented artist showed us how Snow White would’ve aged. We love her gray hair!

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