Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Hotel Room


We all have different feelings about staying at hotels, depending on the hotel of course. But let’s remember that hotels have people in and out of them all of the time. There are certain facts about hotels that point to the fact that it may not be as a luxurious and safe experience as we think. From safety from the room’s exposure to many people, to avoiding annoying charges that you may miss at check out, hotels prove to not really be that place of luxury and safety.

Let’s start with cleanliness. Hotels often give off the air of being squeaky clean and totally sanitized. We see maids on every floor, staff is at our beck and call and we see the cleaning supplies everywhere. What we fail to realize is that bacteria is being moved from room to room with maids using the same mop over and over again. Although clean with soap and water the solutions used for cleaning aren’t always anti bacterial. Because the same cleaning supplies are being used from room to room there is actually more possibilities of cross contamination.

And it’s not just the cleanliness. There are other things you need to be wary about while renting a room and it involves an appreciation of the fact that hotels are public places and a vulnerable target for many bad things. Also, the hotel can be guilty to- mysterious charges can be racked up and missed by many of us at check out.

Minibar Mix Ups

• Those mini bars are fitted with unseen sensors

• So when you take out a drink

• And put it back

• You could still be charged for it!

Wifi Hackers

• Connect to an open wifi network

• And a scheming criminal in the next room

• Can access your computer’s data

• to steal your nude selfies


• Hidden cameras have shown how maids

• putting used glasses

• In dirty sinks

• simply spray them with windex

• As the only means of washing

The remote control

• Before you order that late night movie

• You may want to put A small plastic bag

• over the TV remote

• It’s the dirtiest thing in the room

Bedside lamp switch

• And don’t forget

• The bedside light switch

• You may want to sanitize your hands after touching one

• Because it never gets cleaned!