Things You Should NEVER Do On A Plane


Statistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel. Although there are a lot of fears and phobias associated with being dragged through the sky at 500 miles per hour, it’s the fastest and most convenient way of getting where you’re going.

With cushy seats, attendants to wait on your beck and call, and a team of pilots guiding you to your destination, nothing beats air travel. The only problem is the price – which is always rising, the perks – which seem to be diminishing each year, and the other passengers – who get further and further into your personal space.

Try as you might to be a considerate and caring flyer, there’s always a chance you could be that guy. You know, the person who does one of these Things You Should NEVER Do On A Plane. Oh, you’re not sure if you’re the problem, then watch this video from TheHub to find out. Whether you’re failing to buckle your seatbelt or getting in a fight with fellow passengers, keeping your cell phone on or forgetting to take a shower, we’ll take you through the gamut of negative possibilities that could ruin a perfectly good flight. While you’re at it, try not to hold the flight crew responsible for any rain delays, touch the floor any other unsanitary parts of the plane, stay sedentary, recline your seat without asking, get dehydrated or treat your flight attendants with disrespect. Your life is in their hands and your fellow passengers deserve as good a flight as you. So be mindful, straighten up and fly right.