Things You Didn't Know About Waist Training


That it existed? Maybe, maybe not, but waist training has been around for centuries. In fact, it’s been around so long the hazards of this trending topic may have been forgotten. Although it is widely viewed to be an appealing practice, there are certain reasons why one should think first before signing up for this type of “new body image” journey.

One of them is it’s painful; waist training is achieved using a corset that’s severely tightened. Almost everyone saw Titanic, and can recall the scene where Rose is in undeniable pain as her mother tightens her corset to a damaging point. Waist training is used to give a woman or a man, a more appealing figure overtime. Most perceive waist training to be an only-girl type thing, but it’s not. Men have used this exact method to try to achieve a more manly physique. When scrolling through Twitter every other celebrity is trying waist training, most of them have been doing it for a while and no one even knew there was anything different going on, everyone just thought they were blessed.

The benefit of gaining a flatter stomach is very attractive, especially when the results happen so quickly, but will they last? And, is it worth it?

Restricts Breathing!

Corset-tight laces will prevent your diaphragm from expanding

The tightness causes short breaths and dizziness

That’s a recipe for fainting!

There’s A Limit!

Most women want a flat stomach fast

Wearing the waist trainer all day is not the answer

User should start with 2 hours and work up

It Can Cause Back Acne!

Form fitting fabrics don’t allow skin to breathe

Oils and dirt are trapped against the body

Use can cause “back-ne” and no one wants that

It Makes You Take More Potty Breaks!

Anything tight pressing against the bladder will increase the need to pee

Anyone fond of drinking alcohol knows the pain of frequent potty breaks

Waist trainers will make you pee every few minutes

It Restricts Blood Flow!

Waist trainers are meant to be worn tight

Blood flow is restricted and blood pressure is elevated

Anyone with existing heart issues should consider an alternative

It Weakens Core Muscles!

Waist trainers are meant to be used in sync with exercise

Waist trainers are eventually harmful without remaining physically active

Prolonged use weakens core muscles overtime

It Has No Lasting Effects!

Doctors say the effect won’t last

Once the waist training stops, a natural form returns

Bottom line – making it last will require constant wear