These Indestructible Animals Could Survive The Apocalypse


What’s going to happen to the world in the distant (or not so distant) future? In a time when society crumbles and our technologically advanced civilization regresses to a Stone Age, many of the current people, places and things will no longer be around. In their place will be a much quieter world and whatever’s left behind will be forced to inhabit an environment entirely different from everything we know. That said, you may be surprised to find some of these creatures still kicking it in whatever ash-heap-of-history the planet will have turned into. Whether the Earth is irrevocably changed by way of zombie disaster, inescapable virus, environmental cataclysm, big old bang or tiniest whimper, These Indestructible Animals Could Survive The Apocalypse.

All of these powerful creatures look incredibly different from each other but they share similar enduring characteristics. As extremophiles, enduring bacteria and forever-young organisms, these often unassuming animals will someday find themselves at the top of their own food chains. Whether it’s scorpions, cockroaches, immortal jellyfish, tiny tardigrades, red flat bark beetles, mummichogs, lingulae, E. coli or even small bands of humans fighting for survival, these beings could have what it takes to continue “being” after the grid goes down. So whether they look imposing or impish, don’t judge them by their appearances because you just might need to take a few tips from these interesting evolutionary wonders on the day after tomorrow.