The Worst Tag Teams In Wrestling


Throughout the history of Wrestling, tag teams have been formed to create more appeal for viewers. Everyone loves to root for a good team.

There are many layers making up a good tag team. Chemistry is a major factor. If the guys don’t get along, or don’t look right together, no good gimmick will save them.

If the gimmick is bad, not even the most exceptional wrestling will distract the audience from a bad costume and a shoddy name.

While wrestling formed some memorable and loveable tag teams over the years, they’ve also left their viewers wondering what the heck the creatives were thinking.

Who in their right mind heard some of the ideas presented in this video and pushed them through into actual production!? Most are obvious, by the name alone, that the idea is horrible, but some could be misconstrued and taken for brilliant. After all, the best way to intimidate your opponent is to either frighten or confuse them.

The tag teams listed below did just that. They confused the audience, the other wrestlers, and even themselves.

Some were even offensive when they were specifically trying not to be.

Despite the WWE’s multitude of successes, they’ve had some EPIC failures.


If their aim was to break Mexican stereotypes…

don’t sent the three out dressed as gardeners riding a “Juan Deere”, that’s just bad

The Dicks

The name alone is cringe-y, but they were dressed like Chip-N-Dale dancers

They even used lotion to blind their victims

Someone high up should have put their foot down

The Spirit Squad

What does wrestling need more than male cheerleaders?

According to the WWE, nothing!

Unfortunately no one could take them seriously

Deuce ‘n Domino

A greaser tag team with a valet named Cherry

Cherry wore roller skates and a poodle skirt

The 50’s era feel was too behind the times in 2007

Tekno Team 2000

Debuting a millennium team 5 years before the millennium?

The futuristic team predicted we would be wearing silver jumpsuits and face paint by 2000…

They were released one year after their introduction in 1996

West Hollywood Blondes

Two men in pigtails, covered in glitter, licking lollypops

Some would say wrestling alwayshas a bit of unspoken subtext going on

But West Hollywood Blondes took it too far and ended up annoying everyone

The Johnsons

Skin colored. Full body suits.

A distracting image for sure, but still, wrestling phalluses?

Dick and Rod are characters that should not have been brought to life