The World’s Craziest Aphrodisiacs


Everyone one of us is guilty of fantasizing about the next best lay. We learn from past lovers who we are in bed, what kind of sex we like and don’t like. Most of the time we all love to be turned on. Sometimes music will put you into the mood, sometimes porn, maybe perfume or even the right conversation. Whatever gets you going, right? Around the world people have been on the hunt for different things to do and to consume to enhance sexual performance. Let’s say you’re not alone with the feeling and you do find that sexual partner that really gets you going. It’s time to wonder how hard you can get them to climax, how long you can perform and how creative making love to them can get. It’s that process that helped make the discovery of some really strange aphrodisiacs.

The hunt for aphrodisiacs has gone on for centuries and some really crazy things have been tried. These aphrodisiacs are evidence that humans have been willing to try some out of this world stuff to figure out how to improve sexual performance and to seduce the opposite sex. Anything, absolutely anything for the proper lay, right?

Tiger Penis

• Eating tiger’s penis

• Is believed to be so effective

• At bumping male stamina

• Collecting it has contributed

• To the near extinction of tigers

Wolf Meat

• When cooked properly

• Wolf meat has proven

• To increase your sexual potency

Bird’s Nest

• Bird’s nest has been eaten for centuries

• by the Chinese

• not only For its taste

• But for its aphrodisiac properties

Sea Cucumber

• Sea cucumbers

• Are hard to prepare

• But have proven to turn people on

• They’re cheap too!

Cobra Blood

• Drinking cobra’s blood with alcohol

• Along with choice pieces of flesh

• Can lead to an extra hot night!