The Wildest WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions


One of the male human’s greatest fascinations is the female body. But throughout the years men have been hard pressed for ready access to it, having to settle for the same Playboy magazine again and again in their teens. Now the sexual environment is more inviting, with thousands of hours of erotica just waiting to be discovered for free on the internet. But all this access to nakedness is intentional, and relatively easy to find. Some would say this makes the available naked women of the world a bit boring, and it makes sense that when men see a woman naked without that buzz-killing search, things get interesting. It’s like going out for dinner, ordering the steak, and getting a free cheesecake for dessert just because. It’s the same in WWE Wrestling. You watch it for the fighters, and for the scantily clad divas who color up the act. And when you get more than what you bargained for – that is, you see more of a diva than you should – your night takes an awesome turn. Below are the 15 best WWE wardrobe malfunctions which enabled just that.


Perched on a referee’s shoulders, Jacqueline’s top was ripped clean off her back

Her chest was exposed to the watching world

AJ Lee

AJ Lee was pretty lucky as far as wardrobe malfunctions go

Her t-shirt only rolled up and showed a bit of her bra

She milked the mishap and licked herself like a cat

The Kat

The Kat had just won the Women’s Championship

To celebrate, she flashed the crowd

She was far too quick for Sgt. Slaughter to cover her up

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon’s on-air wedding with Triple H blew up after insults and violence And featured a nip slip by Stephanie


Back when a Live Sex Celebration was permitted on WWE…

Lita and Edge did the nasty in the ring after winning his first championship

The covers meant to prevent exposure slipped and we all saw little glimpse of Lita