The Weirdest Food In The World


Everyone does weird things with food according to different tastes, different cravings, different – well different everything. We all watch cooking shows for comfort; seeing the different ingredients go into a recipe is soothing because it broadens familiarity. Food is not only fuel- it’s fun and comfort. Some of us like toast and jam, and some of us like bread and butter. The differences just start there and let’s remember, food is also a self -expression. Chefs all around the world cook so people can experience something, and sometimes, very strange foods come as a result of people exploring the world through their pallets.

Certain ingredients or certain recipes call on us to have daring to experience life and all of its living. These recipes and foods may gross you out, but for some people they are an enlightenment- maybe even inspiration. Come on, these foods shouldn’t be that much of a shocker. We have an entire country who grew to love eating snails, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So Bon Appetit!

Cockroach sushi

• Japan embraces Bugs of all kinds

• And eating cockroach sushi

• Is the newest culinary venture

Stir Fried Tarantula

• Tarantulas can kill you

• But they can also kill off your hunger

• stir -fried in garlic and salt!

Brain Sandwiches

• Having a fried brain

• Can be taken to a new level

• Brain sandwiches are made from calf brains

• Talk about being moo-ved by your food!


• In Indonesia

• Stinkbugs taste like bitter sunflower seeds

• But most of us would have to forget the name

• to enjoy them

Tuna Eye ball

• Tuna eyeballs taste like squid

• And are fairly cheap

• You have to boil them to eat them

• And don’t forget to season!