The Weakest Army Soldiers In The World_NB


When it comes to the military, we have a vision in our head as to what the stereotypical soldier looks like. We think of a strong brute that is ready to kill a massive amount of people at a drop of hat. We think of men and women who have been conditioned to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and cause. However, just because one military is powerful and massive, it doesn’t set the precedence for armies around the rest of the world. The smaller a country is, the smaller their resources will be for military spending. Some countries don’t even have a military, but instead it is local law enforcement protecting the area, or even paramilitary. When this happens, it seems that it could be extraordinarily easy to take over these smaller countries, but they also have the protections of larger countries. There is still the concept of allies and such, and just because a country may seem small and weak, it doesn’t mean that they are defenseless.

In this video, you will learn about the weakest army soldiers in the world. From small armies, low budgets, or simply getting the aid from other countries, these army soldiers have their work cut out for them. If they live in a country where it’s typically very relaxed and doesn’t deal with a lot of conflict, then you might see a unit of soldiers relaxing on the job or even riding Segways to get there where they need to go.