The Unbelievable Cost Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World


Lately, the world has had an obsession with beautiful children. When these kids are plucked from obscurity and pushed into the spotlight, it can cause some major issues. From having haters to going on strict diets, this is the unbelievable cost of being the most beautiful kid in the world.

Being famous and having haters goes hand in hand. But what happened if your haters come before the fame? That is what happened to one little beauty, Kheris Rogers. After being teased for years about her skin tone, it wasn’t until her sister uploaded a photo to Twitter that Rogers knew just how beautiful she really was. She now has her own twitter, and clothing line, both of which have helped her with her self-esteem.

Another child beauty that gets her fair share of hate is Kristina Pimenova. The model has been making headlines since 2014 after receiving the “Most Beautiful Child in the World" title. In that time, she has become a social media star, as well as a full-blown child model. But many worry she is being exploited and over sexualized. Thankfully, her mom stands by her and thinks her career is just a hobby and completely innocent.

One mother wasn’t so gracious about her daughter and her beauty. Fans were shocked when Ever Rose from “Toddlers and Tiaras” was put on a diet of 1,600 calories a day. Her mother claimed it was because she was too big for her dress. For her to fit in it, she had to lose ten pounds. This is not only harmful to the child’s health, but also to her psyche.