The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever


It is not uncommon for a bride to pick out unflattering dresses for her bridesmaids so that she will not be outdone on her big day, but when she chooses to don a hideous piece herself, you begin to question her sanity! Why would a bride wish to taint their wedding day by being seen in any of these unsightly dresses? There’s a big difference between having a defined, unique taste and no taste whatsoever. These brides and the actual dress designers should be convicted for these horrid fashion crimes!

Take a look at some of the most shockingly revolting dresses that have miraculously made its way down the aisle on these very audacious brides.

Peek-A-Boo Belly Dress

A special cut-out for the baby-to-be is not an attractive dress feature

Someone should have made her wait to show off her future family member

Flower Power

Flowers belong in gardens, not on a wedding dress!

The blooming flower on her chest is about to topple her over!

Her dress must be inspired by her fiancé’s tribute to Dumb and Dumber

Pink Cut-Away Dress

This grotesque and super girly design is so tacky

The cutouts and heart pattern scream overly bubbly and downright scary! Balloon Dress

This dress is sure to be pop-ular

The added peacock tail of balloons sure doesn’t make it any better

Rainbow Brite Dress

Look! It’s a double rainbow!

This disastrous clash of colors make for a really dreadful dress

On the brite side, the happy couple looks made for each other!