The Strongest Body Builders In The World


Despite what you may think, bodybuilding isn’t just about getting as big as possible. And with rigorous training routines like Lou Ferrigno’s, laborious diets such as Moustafa Ismail’s and hours dedicated to the sport, it’s clear that bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not just a hobby. These lifters dedicate their lives to achieving perfect symmetry and incredible physiques, but you’d probably be surprised to hear that not all of them set out at a young age to flex their muscles for a career.

Instead, some of these bodybuilders, like Flex Wheeler, got into weights for a form of fitness, rather than setting out to beat the world records. The sport is also proof that you don’t need to be huge in the first place; one of the lifters on our top 10, Markus Rühl, started out at a measly 120lbs. And where is he now? Over double the weight he started at. Another, Franco Columbu, is only five feet and five inches tall, but has placed multiple times in worldwide competitions. The sport shows that, if nothing else, almost anyone can succeed if you’re prepared to put in enough hard work and perseverance.

However, that’s not to say that all of our top 10 spend their lives eating nothing but kale and drinking gallons of water: Gunter Schlierkamp even says his favourite food is cheesecake. Another is a big fan of meat. So, if you’re considering starting a weightlifting journey of your own, but can’t always put down the junk food, then this could be just the video needed to inspire you to become the next Phil Heath or Stan Efferding.