The Strangest Things Done With Real Human Skulls


We all see things differently than the next person. We all have differing opinions on a variety of issues. Sure, we could get into a discussion about religion or politics – but let’s not. Instead, let’s examine the different ways we see the world around us by looking at how we view everyday objects. See that chair on the curb on your way to work? Most of us see garbage but odds are there is at least one person who sees it as more, as something to restore and use. Garage sales? Not a problem. Someone else’s junk and unwanted stuff can be an absolute treasure or exciting find. It just depends on what you see it as being useful for or what potential the object in question could have.

Then there are items that most of us can agree upon when it comes to how they should be used. Take human remains as a perfect example. The common destinations for dead bodies and body parts are burial, cremation or medical research. Yet, over history and even today there are people who see the potential of human remains, especially the skulls, as being more than just research or disposal. From art to politics to construction, skulls have and continue to find rather shocking ways of showing up and being used. It may not be your cup of tea but keep in mind that other cultures and societies view the human body, remains and concept of differently which, in turn, influences how objects like skulls get used.