The SHADY Side Of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift started off her singing career as America’s sweetheart. She was kind, naive, young, and lovable. Everyone couldn’t stop singing all of her catchy tunes. But over time, we have come to realize that Taylor has done some things in the past that would definitely label her as shady.

To start, her entire career was based off of her failed romances with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars. As soon as her relationship go bad, she unleashes her venom in the form of songs centered around heartbreak. Joe Jonas was the inspiration behind her song "Forever and Always," “Dear John” was about her brief relationship with John Mayer, and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was written for Jake Gyllenhaal. Taylor doesn’t feel any remorse when it comes to putting her former lovers on blast, and in a 2010 issue of “Us Weekly,” she said if guys don’t want her to write a bad song about them, then “they shouldn't do bad things.”

Perhaps Taylor is finally getting her karma because she is an undercover mean girl in the industry. We’ve come to realize she can never be happy for anyone else’s success. In 2013, she was caught on camera with a scowl on her face when Adele took home the Best Original Song. And at the 2014 Grammys, Taylor was so disappointed when Daft Punk took home the Album of the Year Award, she admitted a year later that she skipped out on all the after-parties and went home, ate a burger and cried the night away.

Many people are tired of Taylor playing the victim, and they think her woe is me attitude definitely makes her appear to be more shady. When Kanye West interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, it really exposed Taylor and her calculating ways. She was able to profit from the incident by writing the Kanye-inspired song called, “Innocent,” and she even has a photograph of Kanye’s interruption hanging on her living room wall along with the caption, “Life is full of little interruptions.”

She continued to try to play the victim when she accused Kanye of using her name in his song “Famous” without her permission. Everyone was on Taylor’s side up until Kim leaked the audio confirming Kanye did speak to Taylor on the phone, and she agreed to at least some parts of the lyrics beforehand. After the phone call was released, Taylor’s social media accounts were in shambles, and her followers proceeded to leave snake emojis underneath her most recent pictures.

Do you think Taylor is secretly a shady person?