The SHADY Side Of Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner’s shady side proves that all is not sweetness and light in the celeb’s world. She’s been involved in various feuds, arguments and scandals, drawing attention to herself for all the wrong reasons. She’s had run-ins with friends and family as well as developed major issues with other stars. Then there’s her shady past with driving offences. And her questionable photoshoots, props and Photoshopping. And let’s not forget the big lies she’s told too.

Kylie’s relationship with Tyga has revealed various shady aspects of her personality. There’s Kylie’s feud with Blac Chyna, with each of them throwing shade at the other on a regular basis. And there’s also the rumors that the Kardashian-Jenners hired a private detective to spy on Tyga after cheating allegations. But it’s not just Blac Chyna that Kylie’s thrown shade at. Kylie seemed to get involved in Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift’s very public battle over that Kanye West ‘Famous’ phone call. Kylie’s Instagram reaction was so subtle, which made it even shadier. And let’s not forget Kylie’s feud with Selena Gomez. They were BFFs until Kylie broke girl code and allegedly sent sexy messages to Justin Bieber. Selena’s actions after that move pretty much proved Kylie behaved shadily.

When it comes to photos, Kylie’s image is everywhere. If it’s not on her social media accounts, it’s in magazines and across the world. And these pictures show her shady side too. Like her big sis Kim, Kylie’s been accused of Photoshopping her selfies to switch up her body. And she’s also had her image Photoshopped by the magazines and ad companies she’s posed for, who’ve covered up a very specific feature of her looks. Then there’s the big issue related to her image, which is the whole lip controversy. It took Kylie a long time to admit the truth about her lips.

It’s not just when Kylie gets behind the camera that things can turn shady. It’s also when she gets behind the wheel of her car. Her behavior when driving isn’t exactly exemplary. And her reaction when she got sued for an accident was shady too. Her texting while driving history is not great, and her texting during tributes history is also troubling. You can’t be on your phone when you’ve been asked to spend a moment in silence to honor a black teen killed by police. Even if your sisters are looking at their screens too.

Watch our video to see the shady side of Kylie Jenner, and let us know what you think is the shadiest thing she’s done.