The SHADY Side Of Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner’s shady behavior covers all bases, from dissing her own family to betraying her friends. The model might seem one of the more chilled out members of the family, but Kendall has been involved in her fair share of Kardashian-Jenner scandals. From controversies over driving and dining to feuds with famous friends, Kendall’s mean moments are quite shocking. We reveal all in our video about the shady side of Kendall.

Let’s start off with Kendall’s surprisingly shady comments about her sister. Kylie Jenner’s lips have had a huge amount of criticism, but you wouldn’t expect it to come from her own sister too. Well, Kylie herself has revealed Kendall’s opinion of her pout. And it’s not nice. Then there are the rumors about Kendall’s view on Kylie’s fashion and plastic surgery. Once again, prepared to be shocked. What happened to sister solidarity? And then there’s that whole issue of dropping her last name. What does that say about her attitude towards her family?

It’s not just her family either, but her friends that Kendall’s upset. We all know the girl code of steering clear of your squad’s former flames. It seems Kendall didn’t get the memo, as she’s been accused of hooking up with not one but two of her friends’ exes. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez cannot be best pleased about those rumors. Speaking of Taylor and the Kardashian-Jenners, Kendall’s shady behavior also involves subtly taking sides in one of the biggest feuds in recent history. During the Taylor/Kim/Kanye ‘Famous’ furore, Kendall made her allegiance clear in her liking and favoriting on social media. And Kendall takes to social media to get all ‘Mean Girls’ when she’s accused of shady behavior like trying to get a pop star kicked out of a pool party VIP area.

There are also the claims that Kendall threw money in a waitress’ face when she left a restaurant without paying. And then there’s the accusation that she was more interested in her phone than bowing her head during a tribute at an awards show. Kendall might vehemently deny these kinds of reports, but the damage to her reputation has already been done. And there’s no denying the irresponsible videos she’s taken of herself driving or dangling her leg out of the window while behind the wheel. Not cool.

Discover the full stories behind Kendall’s shady moments in our video, and be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you consider to be the shadiest thing she’s done so far.