The Sexiest Criminals To Get Arrested


At the end of the day, no one wants to get arrested. But alas, when we break the law, we have to be held accountable for our actions and that means that we might get arrested. Whether it’s a robbery, drugs, assault, etc. there are many ways to get in trouble with the law. When you’re arrested, the first thing that happens after the cuffs hit your wrists is that you have to get your mugshot taken. Most of the time, mugshots aren’t very flattering and show off the worst side of your looks. And because arrests and bookings are a matter of public information, the mugshots are posted online as well as published in the local paper. In other words, if you break the law, you bet that your community is going to know about it.

When we think of criminals, we tend to think of them as being physically unattractive. For whatever reason, there’s a social stigma that tells us that ugly people are the ones who commit crimes and good looking people are law abiding citizens. But realistically, people from all sorts of backgrounds and appearances have been arrested and convicted of a crime. Lately, beautiful and hot people have been going viral on the Internet for being exceptionally good looking. It goes against everything we know about criminals and the world is going nuts.

Here are some of the hottest criminals that have gotten arrested. Who knows, perhaps there are modeling contracts and offers from agents waiting for these people once they get out of prison!