The Sexiest Celebrities Who Come From Canada


America is the center of music, film and television in the world; so when beauty and talent sneaks down from our neighbors in the north we don’t credit Canada seriously enough for its contributions to the movie and music scenes. It’s not just talent, folks, some of these celebrities are smoking hot. Americans can’t deny that it is a curious fact that megastars, their being from Canada is usually a little known fact about them. Canada is a beautiful country often at the disrespect and dismissal of the United States and they sit under this mistreatment with very little word of complaint. Perhaps they are more mature, eh? Whatever the reason, we should be grateful for their contributions to Hollywood.

Canada’s a great country a great place. It’s probably one of the best examples of no news being good news and these stars are evidence that it’s a place where beauty and genius both thrive. These stars come from north of the border and have served us in entertainment and well- eye candy for decades. So maybe the next time we enjoy their movies we can start to revamp and refresh what the real story of Canadian culture is aboot.

Justin Beiber

• Coming from Stratford, Ontario

• The Beib Is one of Canada’s treasures

• Handsome and talented

• He’s loved worldwide

Ellen Page

• not just known for her roles

• in games and film

• and awkward sexiness

• Page is well respected

• for her opinions, too


• Drake comes from Scarborough, Ontario

• Or Scar Town

• A notorious Toronto district

• Who is as easy on the eyes

• As on the ears

Ryan Reynolds

• Voted Sexiest Man Alive more than once

• Reynold’s has married a few Hollywood stars

• First Scarlett Johansson

• Now Blake Lively

• But it’s not well known that he’s Canadian

The Weeknd

• otherwise known as The Weeknd

• Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

• with his sexy lyrics and looks

• Is the mysterious fantasy

• Of millions of women