The Rudest Girls In Showbiz


We’re all familiar with the swinging moods of a capricious mean girl, as most of us know one in real life. The popular term inspired by the hit-movie Mean Girls could be attributed to anyone from local starlets to Hollywood celebrities. With all the glory, fame and fortune at stake it is often the latter that brings out the nastiest of behaviors.

A whole different story is sometimes unwinding backstage while those girls are smiling for the cameras. Showbiz is unbelievably similar to the movie according to actress Amanda Seyfried. “This industry is just like every other industry. It’s full of petty, spoiled bullies, as much as it is full of wonderful, passionate, honest people… you just have to watch your back,” she told MTV news in an interview. Some of those ever-smiling goddesses can have a double-face and a backstabbing personality. And when Hollywood gets involved, the game of shaming gets to a whole new level.

Who are the meanest of them all, you ask? We reveal here the top 5 mean girls that would make Regina George look like an amateur.

Taylor Swift

Swift has a dress code for her entourage and tells them where to walk

She brought 10 close friends to Billboard Music Awards to intimidate Katy Perry

Katy is rumored to be planning songs that reveal Taylor’s mean side

Azealia Banks

Azealia feuds with many rappers, and is blocked by Iggy Azalea on Twitter

Banks attacked T.I. on Twitter for trying to break up one of her Twitter fights

Banks fired her manager calling him a shark and tweeted about it

Anne Hathaway

Anne is an insufferable snob according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Anne competes with Katie Holmes for similar roles, mocking her behind her back

Hathaway blasts Katie for using Tom Cruise to boost her career

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea called Amanda Bynes ‘crazy’ and Angelina Jolie a ‘woman-hating demon’

Chelsea said Serbia was a shame and disappointment on Twitter

She has also publicly fat-shamed actress Rebel Wilson

Katherine Heigl

Heigl trashed the movie Knocked Up where she co-stared with Seth Rogen

She also openly critiqued the writers of her show, Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine withdrew herself from an Emmy nomination over her distaste for the writing