The Royal Family's Wackiest Rules


Though being a royal looks like it’s easy work from the outside, it turns out there are hundreds of bizarre rules that members of the British monarchy have to abide by if they’re going to fit in with hundreds of years of tradition.

Dr Kate Williams, a historian at Royal Holloway University in London, once told the BBC that medieval monarchs believed that they “were divinely appointed to rule by God,” and ever since, the British rulers have made sure they’re definitely treated that way.

It turns out there’s pretty much rules about everything if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the company, or even a member, of the Royal Family. From eating snacks at Buckingham Palace to what board games the monarchy are allowed to play (hint: Monopoly is most definitely out!), there’s a lot to remember when it comes to the rulebook of the royals.

From rules about voting to strange food guidelines, take a look at some of the weirdest rules the Royal Family have put in place over the last few hundred years:

Don’t Pinch Nuts From The Palace!

If you ever find yourself in Buckingham Palace, don’t be tempted to grab a handful of nuts

The Queen allegedly forbids visitors from nibbling on the snacks strewn about the palace

She was said to be “irritated” when police officers starting eating them during a 2013 visit!

The Royal Family Can’t Vote!

It’s thought to be unconstitutional for members of the Royal Family to vote

They are legally allowed to vote

However, It’s considered to be against the monarchy’s policy of representing all sections of society

The Monarchy Won’t Play Monopoly (Really!)

Though there’s no law forbidding it

Prince Andrew once declared that the royal family was banned from playing the board game

He even described it as being “very vicious!”

The Royal Family Won’t Work

Along with the other benefits, being royal means you can’t work for pay

Instead, members of the monarchy are encouraged to make official appearances

That means teaming up with charities and volunteering for official missions

Ravens Are In High Demand

Charles II declared in the 1600’s that 6 ravens must always be present in the Tower of London

Legend states that if there are no ravens present in the Tower

…both the building and the kingdom itself will fall!

Always Do As The Queen Does

If you are ever invited to dinner with the royals

…follow the Queen’s lead!

If the Queen stands, so should you, and Guests should also only be seated after the highest ranking monarch in the room

Ditch The Fur!

Don’t become a royal if you’re a fan of fur

A law was passed in 1137 that forbids any royal from wearing fur

866 years later in 2003, fur farming was completely banned in Britain