The Robots That Will Take Over Our Jobs


The world has a growing fear of automation and its roots are very simple. We’re becoming increasingly afraid that we could lose our jobs to robots and artificial intelligence with some people saying we’re grossly underestimating the technological revolution we’re currently living in. It’s possible that we’re living through even bigger changes than under the first Industrial revolution.

From a financial point of view, which is the motivating reason behind the vast majority of firms, automation is a sensitive investment. Machines and robots have to work around the clock, they require less management, are more predictable and don’t take holidays or breaks. Smart factories have existed for a number of years with some companies capable of assembling a car with close to no human supervision. There are also some aspects of a job that a robot can perform better than any human ever could on an assembly line or even outdoors.

The fact is, being replaced by a robot is a fear that’s growing amongst the population. Some of these robots impress by their design, thought patterns and advanced capabilities that previous generations could only dream of seeing in movies.

We take a look at some of the robots and artificial intelligences developed to come after our jobs worldwide. Since disciplines are hard to measure against each other, this list is made in no particular order but includes some of the coolest advancements in automation in unexpected jobs as well as smart machinery.


A robot that can walk around and bring objects and trays to its masters

The robot uses sensors and can operate for hours without recharging

ASIMO is the first robot to be able to run at a speed of 3.7 mph


Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google and was a DARPA contractor

ATLAS is designed for search and rescue with articulate hands

A.I. researchers have called its launch the birth of Robo sapiens


Designed by Aldebaran and SoftBank, Pepper is a robot geared towards interaction

The system is capable of analyzing speech but also tonality and can respond to human emotions

The robot is available for $1,600 USD and seems it can fit in well as a receptionist


Another one of Aldebaran’s creations, Romeo can care for the sick and disabled

The robot can empty a trash can, have a discussion and work in the kitchen

Romeo can manipulate objects and become a real family member


Designed in the UK to act as a museum guide to visitors or researches

The robot is a public speaker that can move and display human emotions

It has the ability to sing and dance and sells from $60,000 USD