The Richest Celebrities Who Live Just Like Average People


Ever wonder how different your life would be if you were rich and famous? Seems pretty impossible to even wrap our heads around something like that. One would assume that once you’ve reached the top, you’ll never settle for less. It also makes you wonder if some of these formerly humble celebrities would ever choose to live a simple life rather than dive into a fancy one. Here are some of the richest celebrities who have chosen to lead a very easy going life.

5. Sarah Michelle Geller always has her eyes peeled for a great sale and has also donated a lot of money to Habitat for Humanity.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker lives a rather opposite life than that of her character on Sex In The City. The actress came from a poor family and still dresses her kids in hand me downs.

3. Jay Leno has saved most of his earnings from the Tonight Show. He only likes to invest in exotic and/or old cars.

2. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, is actually against living an extravagant life. He lives in a condo and is quite pleased.

1. Ingvar Kamprad, being the founder of IKEA, still flies in coach and drives a Volvo. His home is mostly furnished with IKEA furniture.