The Real Story Behind Popular Internet Memes


Among the selfies and pictures of our pets we have saved on our phones, there is also a shocking collection of memes. Some of us like to be prepared with one for any occasion in case we need to be ready with a quick joke or a choice reaction. But how often do we stop to question how a meme got started and what the backstory is? Well, we know that most of us who live outside Thailand had that reaction when a certain purple trash dove suddenly appeared all over social media. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the reason for the sudden burst of birds you may have noticed on Facebook. Or maybe you noticed another meme with a man pointing to his head and smiling as if he’s imparting some choice wisdom. If you had trouble conjuring up what movie that image is from, we can help you out. You may have heard someone asking you to cash them ousside and been confused, but that just means you don’t watch enough daytime television. We’ll even take time to reveal the true identity of the Ermagherd girl. Whether your favorite memes show off thoughtful Spotify playlists, or an incredulous blinking reaction face, TheRichest has you covered. We would also like to pay our respects to one of the most classic memes of all, the once beloved Pepe the frog. And to top off our list as you enjoy watching him top off a fine cut of meat, we’ll also tell you the story of #saltbae.