The REAL Story Behind Hilarious Internet Memes pt. 2


If you spend more than a few minutes on the Internet, you’re bound to stumble across a few of the most hilarious Internet memes. But we don’t always know where these memes originated from. That’s why we took the time to uncover the truth about a few of the real stories surrounding our most favorite Internet memes.

Tumblr, Reddit and 4Chan members are notorious for capturing hilarious moments from the web and television, and transforming them into some of our most favorite Internet memes. All it takes is an eye-catching graphic, and a caption that will make the world laugh. But while we’re all sitting back and getting a chuckle out of these memes, the images used are from real-life people who aren’t always happy to be at the center of an Internet joke.

The Hipster Barista is a photo of a man named Dustin Mattson who works at a coffee shop in Atlanta. In the photo, Dustin’s tattoos are on full display, as he poses in a V-neck T-shirt, a black scarf, a pair of glasses, and a side-swoop bang. The Hipster Barista meme was instantly born, but Dustin was probably the only person who wasn’t laughing. He gave an interview to an Atlan-ta website and said he was disappointed about his image going viral, and he believed the meme was poking fun at all of the hardworking baristas in the culinary industry.

Meagan McCullough is another person who was horrified when her image was transformed into an Internet meme, and the photo that was used was taken during a low point in her life. Meagan had just been arrested for driving under the influence, and her practically flawless mugshot caught the eyes of men and women worldwide. Meagan wasn’t too happy about the attention she received, but she said her arrest was a blessing in disguise because it was her “wakeup call” to really get her life together.

While Meagan and Dustin had their images go viral without their consent, some people actually want their photographs to spread like wildfire, like a man named Dave who uploaded a photo of his son, Mason, on Reddit. Dave thought Mason’s skeptical facial expression was hilarious, so he wanted to share it with the world. Within hours, Skeptical Baby was born, and the Internet meme became one of the most popular and funniest images we have ever seen.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to becoming hilarious Internet memes. Angelina Jolie wore a daring Versace gown to the 2012 Oscars. The dress had a high split that exposed her entire right leg, and when she stepped out on the red carpet, the image of her exposed leg instantly went vi-ral. Angelina’s leg has now been featured next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Statute of Liberty.

All of these memes are proof that you never know what image will be the next to be transformed into a hilarious Internet meme! Which one of these memes is your favorite?