The REAL Story Behind 10 Popular Internet Memes


If you have been on the Internet in the past decade, chances are you have been drowning in dank memes for a while now. From making fun of situations, or turning regular people into instant celebrities, memes can be pretty powerful. But, have you ever wondered the actual story behind some of these Internet nuggets? Today we are discussing the REAL story behind 10 popular memes.

If there is one meme that summed up 2016, it’s the This Is Fine meme. The meme features a cartoon dog calmly sitting down in a house that is engulfed in flames. It is often used as a reference for people trying to remain calm though their life is completely being destroyed. The original image of the This Is Fine meme was a part of a comic strip named “Gunshow” by K.C. Green. The comic was released in 2013, and called “The Pills Are Working”, which seems to indicate the cartoon dog had taken some anti anxiety pills and is able to better cope with the fire that eventually melts his face off.

If you don’t have the words to describe your frustration, and want to use a meme instead, then the Arthur’s Fist meme is the one for you! The picture of cartoon Arthur’s fist was made popular in the summer of 2016 by a twitter user who explained, “so many emotions in just one fist”. The photo was actually a screen grab from the cartoon’s season 4 episode 1, “Arthur’s Big Hit”. After the user uploaded the meme, it spread like fire and people started photo shopping their hilarious renditions of the relatable meme.

The coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics brought the world one of the year’s biggest memes Angry Phelps Face. The image went viral when twitter users noticed how angry Phelps looked while he was waiting to compete in the 200-meter butterfly semi-finals. The twitter users began to come up with scenarios of why Phelps has such a frowny face, and the situation quickly turned into a meme. The meme shows Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps with a look a pure anger on his face with writing that features things that makes twitter users angry.

The Conceited reaction meme started making its rounds on the Internet in October 2016. The meme shows rapper Conceited pressing his lips together, and is usually captioned with hilarious situations of anxiety. The original meme started out as a tweet of someone who was making a point about racism in America. It has now been used when people are second-guessing things, like paying shipping and handling on a purchase. The meme is a screen grab from a video of a 2013 rap battle between rappers Conceited and Jesse James.

After what some consider a shocking presidential election, many people needed time to cope with the results. Enter, Biden Pranking Trump Meme. The meme was actually created by Josh Billinson who wanted to turn his heartbreak into humor. The Clinton supporter started tweeting photos of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden with fake captions that show Biden planning to prank the incoming Donald Trump administration. Because of the meme, Billinson is gaining thousands of twitter followers, and has even been offered a deal with a literary agent.

If you haven’t seen the Evil Kermit meme, then you might be living under a rock. The meme shows Kermit the frog talking to what seems like an evil version of himself. Twitter users went crazy for the meme and decided to use it as a way to show their inner dialogue and battle between good and bad with themselves. The image is actually a screen grab from the 2014 musical comedy movie “Muppets Most Wanted”, where his criminal look-a-like, “Constantine” who is dressed in a black cloak, confronts Kermit.