The Real Story Behind 10 Popular Internet Memes


Memes are a staple in today’s culture. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are breeding grounds for memes. All it takes is a funny, off guard picture, a couple people with a sense of humor, and a meme generator. This is how a meme is born.

And now and then, one meme will rise above the others and turn into a viral sensation. This usually happens when the meme is brought to Reddit. Redditors are notorious for making things viral. But what we really want to know is, what is the story behind some of the most viral memes that we know and love?

Take for example the Disaster Girl meme. You know the one. It pictures a little girl standing in front of a house that has burst into flames and looking into the camera with the most devilish smirk. When it appeared, most people wondered the story behind the meme. Did this little girl actually set a house on fire? And if so, why didn’t the photographer call the police?

It turns out that wasn’t the case at all. The fire department in the little girl’s town routinely did live practice fire drills, and the little girl’s father took her to watch one. Thanks to a great photographer’s eye and the girl’s devilish smirk, the meme sensation was born.

Fascinating, right? Well, that meme isn’t the only one. The stories behind a lot of memes will surprise you. So, that’s why we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite memes to tell you the truth. Here’s The Real Story Behind 10 Popular Internet Memes.