The REAL Stories Behind Hilarious Internet Memes


While browsing the Internet, it’s quite likely that you will stumble upon a meme or two. But the stories behind these hilarious Internet graphics sometimes get lost. We’re never quite sure where the photos originated from, but we did some digging, and were able to find the real stories behind 10 of our most favorite and hilarious Internet memes.

A meme can be born in various ways. All it takes is a somewhat funny picture alongside a hilarious caption. And before you know it, a meme has gone viral. There are some pretty awesome memes to have hit the web in the past decade, but their popularity doesn’t last very long. Other memes have had some staying power, and have been used over and over again. Each time, they receive the same reaction: a never-ending laugh.

The best memes are the ones that are unplanned and natural. Everyone from everyday people to celebrities have unintentionally turned themselves into popular memes. When Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, he had no idea his sentimental moment would become one of the most hilarious Internet memes to hit the web.

Overcome with emotion, Jordan’s tear-stained face was captured by a member of the Associated Press. His face has since been used as the ultimate sign of defeat in the sports world and beyond. Jordan himself isn’t too happy about his image going viral, but he has agreed to let the world continue to use his crying face, as long as no one tries to profit off of it. In the end, Jordan has a sense of humor, but he’s a true business man at heart.

Sometimes, memes can go a little too far. Imagine waking up one morning and realizing you have become the laughing stock of the Internet? That has to hurt, and could be pretty damaging to someone’s self-esteem. Blake Boston learned this firsthand when his photo was dubbed, “Scumbag Steve” went viral. Blake’s mother took the photo of him while he stood in the doorway, wearing his hat cocked to the side and a faux-fur jacket. Internet users swiped the picture from Myspace, and started adding the most inappropriate, jerk-like captions to the image. Initially, Blake wasn’t too happy about his unintentional Internet fame, but today, he has embarrassed Scumbag Steve. He even uses the name to promote his Hip Hop music.

Memes have really changed the Internet entirely, and most of the most popular ones come from websites such as 4Chan, Reddit and Tumblr. These Internet users are quite witty, and they seem to know exactly what images will take off and become super popular. Like the images of a tiny Drake taken from his “Views” cover art. The rappers image was then photoshopped onto the face of Crying Jordan Meme, as well as onto the top of the iconic diner from the hit show Seinfeld. Despite being the brunt of the Internet’s jokes, Drake probably doesn’t mind. He’s killing it on the charts despite constantly being the source of the most hilarious memes we have ever seen.

Many of the memes on our list have been floating around the web for years, and we can’t wait to see what creative Internet users come up with next to make us crack up laughing!