The PERFECT Woman Around The World


With so many different people and cultures around the world, it’s no wonder why the standards of beauty are so vast. Women are pressured to be beautiful from parents, advertising, or even their own friends. Because of this, many women struggle with the need to feel pretty, and it’s nice to know they aren’t at it alone. These are women’s beauty standards around the world.

Social media and Western culture have been playing a role in the rest of the world. Nowhere is it more apparent than in South Korea. With the rise of K Pop and Korean Idol, the nation has become obsessed with beauty. The Korean government has even started cashing in on this movement. South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world, and the most performed procedure is the double eyelid surgery. South Koreans have a very distinct ideal beauty standard, light clear skin, double eyelids, and thin nose, and small V-shaped jaw line, and a tiny body frame. If you don’t fit into this type, it’s highly likely you will be pressured by friends and family to have surgery done.

Another country that has adopting plastic surgery as a fix it all is Brazil. There are huge differences though; women in Brazil are more likely to have their bums altered. This is where the Brazilian butt lift was invented after all. The ideal body type in Brazil is smaller breasts, a toned body, and a nice round backside. Skin is also very important to Brazilian women, and they go to the dermatologist once a month to keep their healthy glow. Because it gets so hot in Brazil, makeup can sweat off in seconds, so women like to leave their skin natural, but protected from the suns rays.

French women also have the “less is more” mentality when it comes to beauty. They are known to get bored with working out in a gym, so they skip the Stairmaster and just walk everywhere they need to go. They also believe beauty starts with what you eat, and though they aren’t strict dieters, they like to watch what they put into their bodies. Having good skin is important to French women, they stay out of the sun, drink loads of water, and like to experiment with do it yourself face masks.

In America, women pressure themselves to have the perfect hourglass figure, and perfect face for selfies. Women will use anything from makeup tricks to getting fillers, injections, and plastic surgery to obtain this. High cheekbones and big lips are found to be most beautiful, and women can have cheek or lip implants in order to appear to have both. Having tan skin and being physically fit are also very popular amongst American women. Women can spend hours in the gym, and get spray tans to get this perfectly sculpted look. The most noticeable standard is having the perfect smile, which means having straight white teeth. The process for getting a pearly straight smile starts as young as nine years old!

There are also cultures that have what some people would call “weird” or “strange” standards for beauty. Like the face tattoos of the Maori women in New Zealand, or the Earlobe stretching of the Maasai tribe in Kenya, but nothing is as drastic as the force-feeding of Mauritanian women. Mauritian is a large Muslim country in West Africa that finds women with curves are the most attractive. Mothers will start force-feeding their daughters 16,000 calories of food a day at the age of 7. The idea behind this is to make the girls more desirable for male suitors. The men of this culture believe a fat wife is a status symbol, and shows that the husband can afford to feed his wife. Also popular in this culture are stretch marks, thick ankles, and being divorced. Divorced women are more attractive because they have proven they are desirable to other men.