The PERFECT Man Around The World


What is the ideal male beauty standard in your eyes? Depending on where you live and your culture, your ideas on beauty may differ drastically from someone in another corner of the world. With billions of people in the world, it’s no surprise that what’s considered beautiful is ever-changing. We decided to take a closer look at the physical characteristics of the perfect man according to various countries around the world.

Our first stop was the Dinka Tribe in South Sudan. For this tribe, beauty is shown through their facial scarification process. Tribesmen receive three parallel lines in the shape of a V across their forehead during their adolescent years to mark their transition into adulthood. The lines are carved into the skin with a scolding hot knife, and any cries or screams could be detrimental to the young boy’s standing in the tribe. The men who can bear through the pain without making a sound are deemed stronger and more manly.

In the USA, the male beauty ideal is all about being physically fit. Attractiveness is based on a man’s physique, and many men spend hours in the gym to build up the muscles in their upper bodies. Recently, facial hair in the U.S. has become more popular than ever, and men who sport a full beard are deemed more attractive. According to studies, more American men than ever are visiting plastic surgeons to receive a smaller, less prominent nose; eyelid surgery to appear more youthful and liposuction around the abdomen to give the midsection more definition.

In South Africa, black Africans make up almost 80% of the population, but the standard of beauty doesn’t reflect the physical characteristics of the majority. Lighter skin is the ideal, and slim bodies with lean muscles are preferred. For those whose skin is darker, skin bleaching creams are a hot commodity, and many South African men go to great lengths to get their skin as light as possible. In some cases, skin bleaching creams can leave hyper-pigmentation, horrible scarring and can even cause skin cancer due to the harmful ingredients.

In South Korea, the saying, “Who’s the fairest of them all?” is the motto when it comes to beauty. South Korean men are no strangers to using bleaching creams to make their skin lighter. Plastic surgery is also a booming industry, and the most popular procedures include surgeries to make the eyes bigger, rhinoplasty to create a bridge on the nose and double eyelid surgery. Softer facial features and a more androgynous look are popular. Many men, including South Korean artist G-Dragon, prefer to wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

When you think of handsome men in the U.K., you probably think of David Beckham and Robert Pattinson, and there’s a good reason why. These men are considered some of the most attractive men in the country. Rugged beauty with a defined jawline and facial hair is ideal, and a slender body type with defined muscles is considered attractive. The metrosexual look of the early 2000’s has taken a backseat to men who prefer a scruffier appearance.