The Origins Of Lord Voldemort Explained


Lord Voldemort is one of the most iconic villains in film history. Harry Potter’s ultimate villain appeared in numerous films in the series. Tracing his history can be somewhat complicated as various details are revealed during different points. Follow our journey as we put things in chronological order and showcase the journey of Voldemort’s origins all the way until his death.

The youngest we see Voldemort is in a flashback when Dumbledore first meets the character. His birth name is Tom Riddle and will remain the name Dumbledore refers to him as throughout the series. Raised in an orphanage, Voldemort has a tendency for evil due to the hatred of his father. His wizard skills quickly grow as he learns about the Dark Arts and the creation of the Horcruxes, special abilities used to store pieces of the soul. Harry’s first encounter with Voldemort comes as a baby when he is struck in the head and the lightning bolt scar forms there. Years later, Harry is taken to Hogwarts where he doesn’t realize Voldemort is already waiting for him. Voldemort blends his soul with a professor, and confront Harry in their first battle against each other. In the years following, Voldemort sets forth a plan to become his true human form again and must use Harry’s blood to reach this point.Once he becomes human, his dark and evil plans take shape as Dumbledore is killed and the whole world of Hogwarts is changed forever. Follow our journey to see how Voldemort’s origins played out on the big screen.