The Most UNUSUAL Internet Celebrities


Anyone can post a video on YouTube, upload a photo on Instagram, or send out a tweet on Twitter. However, becoming a bizarre Internet celebrity through quirky videos or unusual sound offs isn’t as easy as you think. Sure, you can become an Internet sensation overnight but you better be ready to bring something unique or people will be on to the next big thing.

Take a look at Nannette Hammond who is a stay at home mother of five, but she’s anything but ordinary. Hammond, armed with her own goal of perfection, she spent $500,000 on plastic surgery to be transformed into a life-sized version of Barbie. While the majority may think this is strange, Hammond wants to spread a message of being confident with who you are and how you look. Choosing to “rise above it” is her mantra and the message she wants to send her children and her fans!

Who knew that the bathroom had the ability to push a person to internet celebrity status? Should the toilet not flush when you are at your date’s house, just do what one lady did and place the poop in your purse. This is just the type of satire we’ve come to expect from one of the most bizarre celebrities “The Fat Jew.” Sure he’s never put poop in his purse after a situation on a first date but we’re not entirely sure the opportunity hasn’t come up.

You don’t have to be human to be an internet celebrity. Tardar Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat, has a permanent grumpy face, caused by feline dwarfism, that’s made him a star. Photos of Grumpy Cat are posted throughout the internet with various things he would say, if he

could talk or if he cared. Owner Tabitha Bundesen has even taken time away from her job to manage Grumpy Cat’s busy schedule. Just as adorable as Grumpy Cat is her canine counterpart Marnie the Dog. Marnie has a super long tongue which is mostly used to kiss the people she loves the most. She also has a head tilt caused by Vestibular Syndrome, which actually takes her adorable factor off the charts.

Speaking of adorable, women, and some men, all over the world are swooning over Dr. Mike in his scrubs. The fine doctor is also generous and has a super cute dog named Roxy he absolutely adores. When speaking about Internet celebrity hotties you can’t leave out Jen Selter or her glorious backside. She knows what her audience likes and gives it to them one yoga pant at a time.

Tal Peleg can do things to her eyelids one can dream of! This Internet sensation creates the most beautiful images perfectly across her lids which will truly captivate you.

Then there’s artist and musician Nicholas Megalis and his love for pretzel glasses! Oh and he aspires to hear Snoop Dog rap about refried beans, seriously. Equally as colorful is Baddie Winkle, a grandmother who plays beer pong with frat boys and wears outfits so scandalous 20-something girls can’t handle.

Internet sensations ranging from comedians posting videos of sketches to people singing and dancing have become part of our culture. Some of the most bizarre internet celebrities have over millions of followers or subscribers on their various outlets. They entertain and inform us and we adore them for it!