The Most Unusual Airlines In The World


When it comes to flying, most airlines are just interested in getting their passengers from A to B, quickly and safely. In fact most airlines don’t even offer inflight meals anymore for one reason or another. Then you get some airlines that step it up a notch. They offer services, like massages, in First Class and maybe even a movie. Then there are the really unusual airlines that go over the top.

These airlines pull some of the craziest stunts and gimmicks to attract passengers to their airlines. Whether it’s the inflight entertainment in the form of beautiful, bikini-clad women or themed everything. Here are just some of the strange and unusual airlines that exist.

Flying can make people feel uneasy. Some airlines try to alleviate some of that stress with crazy gimmicks and stunts. Then there are some airlines

that are just plain strange. Here are just a few.

A German travel agency in 2008 offered flights from the German city of Erfurt to a popular resort in the Baltic Sea. The strange thing? The flight allowed passengers to be completely nude. While they needed to be clothed to board and disembark from the plane, once they were in the fair, it became a full on nudist retreat. These flights were offered as part of a summer day trip program

Flying out of South Africa for more than ten years, this airlines mostly flies to destinations in Mauritius, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and other areas of South Africa. With their fleet of neon green aeroplanes, they are known as a ‘fun’ and cheap way to get around South Africa. Their claim to fame? Their strange sense of humor, including indication arrows for the pilots stating “this way up” and their ‘flying 101’ details, such as “our doors are always open, unless we’re at 41,000 feet.” The humor continues inside the aircraft, where the flight attendants are known for their zingy one-liners during safety instructions and announcements.