The Most Ugly-But-Cute Baby Animals


Animals are undoubtedly human’s best friends, but sometimes there are certain species that are just so ugly that they actually become adorably cute the more you look at them.

While it seems like the whole world is obsessed with conventional beauty when it comes to picking the most endearing animals out there, there are actually a number of pretty distinctive creatures around the world who are just so strange looking, that it’s pretty much impossible not to just “aww” as soon as you see them. Don’t deny it, we’ve all searched the internet far and wide to take a look at some odd looking creatures, only to find their unique strangeness to be pretty endearing.

Sometimes, fluffy cuteness is just too overrated when it comes to trolling the world wide web for loveable animals, and it actually turns out that some of the world’s ugly animals hold the key to finding new levels of insanely adorable cuteness.

From baby hippos to the strange endangered Axolotl Salamander, you decide if these animals are seriously cute… or seriously not.

Baby Hippo

Glossy, purple-grey and tiny, baby hippos don’t sound like the cutest animal, but it turns out these tiny mammals are seriously adorable! But they won’t stay this ugly-cute for long… hippos are the third-largest land mammal on earth!


Though they’re undeniably pretty ugly looking on top, a stingray’s underside is actually pretty cute. How sweet are its little eyes and mouth?

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Largely regarded as one of the ugliest breeds of dog around, the Chinese Crested Hairless dog is actually so ugly it’s definitely cute. How could anyone hate that face?

Three-Toed Sloth

Covered in matted fur with 3 sharp claws, the three-toed sloth sounds more like a monster than an ugly-cute animal. Yet this adorable creature has a incredibly lovable face!

Axolotl Salamander

This species of salamander looks more like an alien than an animal. Yet, the axolotl is so strange, it might be adorable. It may not stay cute for long, as the axolotl is an endangered species.


With bulging eyes and big ears. you’d be forgiven for putting this one on the ugly list. Yet Tarsier’s have something absolutely cute about them!