The Most Stupid Lottery Winners


It’s not every day you hear about a lucky citizen that just hit the jackpot on the lottery. Many of us ask ourselves what we would do with millions of dollars, and while answers may vary, investing is something almost everyone would do. If you’ve just won dozens of millions, what else could you possibly buy after your big spending spree?

It turns out some people aren’t too good with money, even when they win outrageous amounts of it. Whether it be on drugs, luxury purchases or strange addictions that will follow them to the grave, people will always find a way to spend their lot on something that just isn’t worth the time. It’s not like the lottery is limited to a few, since almost every single adult on the planet has access to purchasing a lottery ticket in hopes of gaining more money.

Some, though, were simply too stupid to know what to do with it:

Willie Hurt fed his crack-cocaine addiction with his earnings.

Hurt wound up murdering his girlfriend on an alcohol and drug-fuelled rage.

Evelyn Adams won the lottery twice in two years, earning nearly $5.5 million.

She blew most of it at the casino, and now lives in a trailer park.

16-year-old Callie Rogers won the UK lottery in 2003.

She spent it all on luxury houses and cosmetic surgery.

Callie ended up moving back in with her mother.

William Post put himself in debt buying a restaurant and an airplane.

His family even tried squeezing money out of him.

Post’s own brother hired a hitman to kill him.

Amanda Clayton hit the jackpot and continued to collect welfare checks.

Clayton served jail time and paid fines before dying of a drug overdose.

Michael Carroll now works at Biscuit Factory.

In just five years, Carroll spent nearly €10 million on drugs, sex and backyard demolition derbies.